Sunday, March 13, 2011

Japan, My homeland

Thanks to all who are concerned about my family in Japan. Just spoke with my dad. My cousin is all right. She is in Sendai, near the epicenter and was lucky. My brother`s family is in Tokyo and are OK. Niece and nephew are scared and were sleeping fully clothed with helmets and their shoes right next to them.

The word from my family is Miyagi Prefecture was hit the hardest with estimates of 10,000 killed. Most passed because of drowning. They did not expect the Tsunami to go as far inland as it did. At this time, there is a calm, general demeanor with the government stepping in and taking care of the people. No looting and people have communication with temp cell towers being put up. Electricity is not happening or is sporadic.

I watch, listen and read about what`s happening in my homeland and can`t help but think how blessed I am to wake up every day in my home in Boulder, CO. I am lucky and have nothing to complain about. This perspective is what grounds me to live the best possible life. I`m crossing my fingers and toes for my people in Japan.

My dad reminded me that the Japanese have a deep, unified sense of community and events such as this, while tragic, are when the Japanese inner-warrior shines through. He also feels CNN is super dramatic:)

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