Thursday, June 3, 2010


When you look into the eyes of another human who`s life isn`t as fortunate as your own, you feel a quiet compassion for the hardships they`ve endured. The heartbreak felt for those in need has driven me to do anything I can to alleviate some of the suffering in the world.

In the past six years, much of my time has been dedicated giving back to the global community. I`ve cultivated a passion for humanitarianism which has led to the slums of Cambodia, the displaced in Louisiana, post-tsunami Thailand, the orphanages of Africa and most recently, to the tent cities of Haiti. My immersion in aid transport/distribution, orphan care, medical support and team leading has given me skills that are invaluable in hands-on humanitarianism. The reputation I`m proud to have has allowed my participation in select missions around the globe.

Working in the middle of a disaster zone and helping those in need is a life-changing experience. In the chaos of the situation, a deep inner-strength must be tapped in to make things happen. You gain an amazing perspective on the condition of much of the world. Day to day frustrations seem to fall away as you work for the collective good. I feel honored to have felt these experiences during my adventures in humanitarianism.

People have asked, what draws me to do this work? I can`t pinpoint an exact reason why I do this, but I do know that helping those less fortunate has given back to my life in numerous ways. I`ll forever be indebted to the feeling of hope from aiding in the enrichment of someone`s life. It`s truly remarkable to know that the tiniest acts of kindness, in the right situation, can save a life or help the well being of a family.

I`ve always been one to take chances and make things happen in life. Throughout the years, my curiosity of the world has led to different places outside of my comfort zone. I Iearned that you can rest on your past accomplishments, but what fun would that be? I`d rather evolve and contribute to the positive out in the world.

My intent is to be a bridge between individuals who crave a humanitarian outlet, companies who appreciate the value of providing useful aid, and the NGO`s in need of assistance to meet their goals.

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